"One Cannot Resist the Lure of Africa"

Why Us

Why Us


We are that breathtaking landscape that awaits you, we are that beautiful contrast of nature ; land to sea, gravel to dunes and diversity of culture and tradition. Our DNA with every layer of it stunningly adventurous waiting for you.


We provide the best professional guides with depth knowledge of the country down to it's very DNA.


We believe details create the big picture. Take U2 Africa Safaris' attention to detail is something of a kind that makes the difference between average and stunning. It's an entire development philosophy,methodology and culture in us that makes us a unique force in the tourism industry.


Steady volumes, well-established business relationships, and a great reputation within the industry ensure that we are able to obtain top rates and guarantee value for money.


We have a quick response time so our turnaround time offers trade partners the opportunity to respond quickly themselves with all the information required and detailed itineraries to send on.


We place great importance on identifying the specific interests and expectations of our guests so that we can make the arrangements that suit them rather than those that suit us.


With years of combined safari specialist experience and expertise in the safari industry we pride ourselves in top-notch service delivery unparalleled by any tour operator in the country.We maintain only the highest standards owing that to years of being on the forefront of projecting the beauty of the host country and the entire region. Having attained a good reputation and understanding of areas that needs rectification through feedbacks from our clients and we have incorporated new ideas into the safari industry that will ensure a lot of adventurous fun experience a lifetime.


Each safari is imaginatively crafted creating unique itineraries which are geared towards the specific interests of the groups or individuals wanting to book.


We are conservation conscious and socially responsible, whilst conducting our business. Foot prints we leave positively impacts the environment for future generations yet to enjoy the beauty you enjoy with us presently.


Our success is based on knowing you and getting to know your guests so we can deliver genuine personal attention.


The supply of accurate, timely and up-to-date informa‐ tion to our trade partners is of the utmost importance so we check and update the in-country information imparted to trade partners on a regular basis.


We are easily accessible through email, skype, toll free numbers and our 24-hour emergency number.